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Block chain technology is like a new toy in the playground every kid fights for. Real estate wants a share of it, so does IT industry, investors and the traditional sectors. The technology itself is now booming, bringing cryptocurrency exchanges along. Consequently, there has been an abrupt surge in trading volumes in some of the largest exchanges, such as Huobi, Binance and OKex. This can be a welcoming news for the market and the investors, yet in some cases, the exchanges were faced with multiple setbacks as a series of problems appeared. In 2017, OKex bitcoin theft, scandal of Tron and the fake coins hit the market hard.
We are not in the place of commenting the above incidents, since we have very limit access to what really happened. But here is what we know: The beginning of everything is always chaotic. There can be a bunch of black sheep disregards their users’ interests and only call for short-term profits. However, when looking at the long term, it’s obvious that only those who have their heads in the clouds with their feet on the ground are able make to the end.
As an international cryptocurrency exchange, it is CoinToBe’s utmost pursuit to build a sleek and user-friendly platform. We are in no haste to reach that goal since constructing a steady, solid ground should be the most significant stage of all. We aim for the stars, but act like man, knowing CoinToBe can only be successful when our product fully reflects our three core values: secure, stable and convenient.
We are now looking at a brand new market. More globalized, more versatile and more unpredictable than ever. “What makes us different” is the very question we have been asking ourselves repeatedly every day.
Our answer, is talent.
The talent we gather defines what product we are to launch, what technique we are to invest on and what kind of company we are to become. Talent is what CoinToBe values the most. With experienced engineers, blockchain specialists and international operation team, our team our composed with talents from Fortune 500 corporates.
CoinToBe is currently constructing its business segments including cryptocurrency trading, investment banking and funds in more than 50 countries. With our sheer effort, we purpose to realize financial globalization, and devise an international blockchain ecosystem. And finally launch a professional and reliable exchange for our global users.
We are currently upgrading our system for better performance. The new platform will be ready soon and be equipped with more security, stability and efficiency. Also, we are preparing to launch a wide range of tokens. So please stay tuned to our CoinToBe official site.
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While Sheep Marketplace owner Thomas Jiřikovský and his wife Eve Bartošová are facing theft, weapons and drug trafficking, as well as money laundering charges, federal authorities are happy to try to retrieve what was stolen from the black marketplace—5,400 BTC is after all, a bounty that is hard to ignore. With BTC trading at over $11,600 as of writing, this easily amounts to over $62 ... CRYPTO MARKETS. Bitcoin, which started the year at around $3,500, soared to well above $10,000 this summer before crashing back to trade around $7,000 amid fears that Facebook's planned ... This week the accused thieves from the infamous Sheep Marketplace have been indicted by prosecutors from the Czech Republic. The charged suspect Thomas Jiřikovský may face up to 18 years for firearms charges, theft, and drug trafficking. The Sheep Marketplace was a popular darknet market much like the Silk Road but only lasted a few ... There have been many cases of bitcoin theft. As of ... an estimated $100 million in bitcoins were allegedly stolen from the online illicit goods marketplace Sheep Marketplace, which immediately closed. Users tracked the coins as they were processed and converted to cash, but no funds were recovered and no culprits identified. A different black market, Silk Road 2, stated that during a February ... The shutdown of the illegal online bazaar Sheep Marketplace that sold illicit goods including guns and drugs through the Tor network can actually be the “Biggest Darknet Scam Ever”. The title has spread across the internet, describing the scam that made $100 million worth of Bitcoin vanish. Almost a week after the marketplace’s customers realized they had beenRead More Prosecutors in the Czech Republic have indicted Thomas Jiřikovský, the owner of the Sheep Marketplace, and his wife Eve Bartošová. Thomas Jiřikovský is

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